Yeast Propagation

A good beer starts with a healthy propagation. Let us do that work for you.

Knowing you’ll get a good fermentation right from the pitch puts a brewer’s mind at ease. You have enough to worry about, so let Carolina Yeast be your supplier and let us handle propagation. Quick shipping and fresh yeast are only a couple of benefits of our service.


Proprietary Yeast Isolation

Let us help you isolate and ferment with a proprietary wild yeast or brewing yeast strain. We all know yeast are living, breathing, mutating organisms, and we can help identify, culture and bank your own proprietary strain. Send us your prize winning zucchini, and we’ll find yeast suitable for your next blue ribbon harvest ale.


Yeast Banking and Analytics

We can clean up, validate and bank your strains at -80C and propagate when you want at a cost that’s easy to swallow. We also offer analytical services throughout the brewing and packaging process including yeast viability, contamination testing and ID, IBUs, water testing and alcohol content, among others.


Keep It Local

One of the best outcomes of the rise of craft brewing is an effort to keep the supply chain local. From locally sourced grains, hops, water, fruits, artists, carpenters, musicians, food…everything that makes your brewery great; these folks are your customers, after all. Together, let’s add yeast to that list.

Just like wine from the same grape varietal grown in different parts of the world impart different flavors, yeast do the same. They adapt to survive in our terroir. Make a truly Southern beer with a truly Southern organism.

Or if wild yeast doesn’t get your engine revving, how about faster shipping of the strains you know and love, fresh products, attention to detail and a sense of community only local small businesses can give.

Let’s make some beer together. I’ll bring the yeast.